RAINWATER (is free)

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Get your bucket, fill with water, fill the barrels, save $!

You're broke and you could only rent a small, one-room shack for you to stay. Turns out this place drips more water than a sponge during rain!

But hey, RAINWATER IS FREE WATER! And you just happen to have a bucket and some barrels lying around, so why not? Free water means less $ out of your poor empty wallet! :D


A bucket holds a maximum of 30 units of water. A barrel holds 60 units of water.

How many barrels can you fill before the timer stops?

This game supports both Keyboard and the X360 Gamepad.

Here are the controls:



This game is dedicated to my dear love, Glauce! As everything I do!

I also dedicate this to my parents, brother, my gamedev partner Robert "ruerobgames" and everyone who cheered me on this!

Also, thanks to ShaunJS and Zack Bell for the GM tutorials! :P

Code/Art/Sounds/Music by Fabio Y. Goto (SIXSIDED Developments).
Game engine: Game Maker: Studio.
Graphics made with Aseprite and Affinity Photo.
Music and audio recorded using Wavosaur, FL Studio and my LG phone.